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Just a very basic page that tracks progress on select templates. Updated every 15 minutes. Click headers to sort. Q&A at bottom of page.
Missing a project? Incorrect project data (image / coords)? Let @CtrlZ#3281 know on Discord:Avogadro#pxlsfiddle-dev

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indexProjectTotal pixelsCorrect pixelsto go% completepx/h: 1h window6h window24h windowmax/15mstatusrelative activity

Q: Why are some projects nearly complete, but have no activity?
A1: Most likely the project is complete, but has pixels that are overlapped by other art, fall outside the canvas placeable areas, or are decided to be 'good enough' by the builders, and haven't adjusted their template to accomodate these situations.
A2: Alternatively, the project image used to compare against the canvas is incorrect - see above for contact info.

Q: What do the columns mean?
A: Most are self-explanatory. Here's the ones that may be confusing:

Q: What do the colors in the second images mean?
A: They mean the state of pixels at the time it was last polled:

Q: Is there a more immediate visual way to see what's different between the template and the board state when it was polled?
A: Yes, click on the template image to toggle between the template image, and the board state at that time. This also updates the zoomed view making it even easier to spot the difference.
A2: Alternatively, you could copy the template URL, paste it into the pxlsFiddle templating tool's "Art location", and re-process it but setting it to output different pixels only, which will highlight these pixels in the template output for you.

Q: Is there a place where all this is organized?
A: There are two common avenues where templates for the pxls.space pixel canvas are organized, both are on Discord:

pxls.space main discord, check out #plans for template posts, discussions:
'global template' discord for template submissions to the global template: