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Canvas 1 - 2017/04/04 ... 2017/04/09

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The 1st canvas was made live shortly after reddit's r/place shut down, giving it huge exposure to players - making it the most active, and most chaotic, canvas on

Although there were many skirmishes on this canvas, the main battle was between the French and the German Reich, along with Fins and Ukrainians - The New Pxls Alliance, with the alliance winning the battle in the end.

⚠️ NOTE: Due to server issues, a chunk of the logs was lost.. These logs are used for analyses and re-creation of timelapses. In addition, logging missed some pixel events. Each section will detail how this has affected efforts at recovery. ℹ️ INFO: If you have accurate pixel information from this first canvas - either from recording server activity or through taking snapshots for your own / your faction's timelapses, please contact CtrlZ#3281 or Ske#6201 in the Discord, as your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Canvas states

Initial canvas state*

Canvas 1 initial state

Final canvas state

Canvas 1 final state
⚠️ The final canvas state image was collected separately and merged with the final result of the logs.


⚠️ The final frame of the timelapses was made to match the final canvas state as described.
Timelapses generated from log files.
Timelapse, 1 frame every 5 minutes:
Direct links:
mp4/h.264/YUV444p [28MB] (best overall)
mp4/h.264/YUV420p [22.2MB] (best compatibility)
Animated GIF [7.5MB] (best quality, no playback controls) (hosted at Vimeo)
Timelapse, 1 frame every 500 pixels

Direct links:
mp4/h.264/YUV444p [61.3MB] (best overall)
mp4/h.264/YUV420p [47.4MB] (best compatibility)
Animated GIF [17.9MB] (best quality, no playback controls)


⚠️ Due to lapses in log files, the following numbers should be taken as indicative, rather than absolute.
Click canvas images to toggle between analysis and final image.
Final pixel coverage: 754,522/1,000,000 (75.45%)
Pixels placed: 3,573,855
User undo actions: n/a (user undo was not yet implemented)
Server undo actions: n/a (server undo was not flagged in logs)
Accounts active: 10,218+ (based on screenshot showing active user count at a specific point in time - total number of accounts likely to be larger as players that did not have open at the time would have been excluded.)

Final state

Untouched pixels

Pixels that were never placed on (also referred to as virgin pixels), depicted in white.

Canvas 1 - untouched pixels

Pixel age

Age of pixels as a brightness map. Darker pixels were placed longer ago.

Canvas 1 - pixel age

Heat map

Depicting activity on the canvas as a heat map - the brighter a pixel's color, the more often it was placed on.

Canvas 1 - pixel heat map

Pixel placement times


Pixel placement times
Smooth rainbows indicate bot-like behavior.

Canvas 1 - placement times


Pixel placement times in milliseconds.
Smooth regions strongly indicate bot-like behavior.

Canvas 1 - placement times, milliseconds


Pixel placement times in seconds
Comb-effect regions may indicate bot-like behavior.

Canvas 1 - placement times, seconds


Pixel placement times in minutes
Gradients indicate pixel placement directions.

Canvas 1 - placement times, minutes


Activity on the canvas as measured over days (horizontal axis, left is start of canvas) and hours (vertical axis, bottom is start of day). Hours are in CET.

Canvas 1 - activity over days and hours

colors over time

Total pixels of a given color placed over time, graphed.
Source: zip:colors.csv,color.ods

Canvas 1 - colors over time, linear scale

Canvas 1 - colors over time, logarithmic scale

Pixels removed

⚠️ As user undo was not yet implemented and server undo not flaged in logs, this section is unavailable.