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Canvas 13 - 2018/06/02 ... 2018/07/03

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Canvas 13 was a tall canvas, roughly of ratio 1 to √2.

This canvas was briefly interrupted as the server had to be moved to a different computer, resulting in Canvas 13b to be temporarily set as the active canvas before returning to this canvas.

Canvas states

Initial canvas state

Canvas 11 initial state

Fina canvas state

Canvas 13 final state


Timelapses generated from snapshots.
Timelapse, 1 frame every 5 minutes:
Direct links:
webm/vp9/YUV444p [30.4MB] (great quality, limited compatibility)
mp4/h.264/YUV444p [41.7MB] (best overall)
mp4/h.264/YUV420p [29.7MB] (best compatibility)
Animated GIF [15.2MB] (best quality, no playback controls) (hosted at Vimeo)


Click canvas images to toggle between analysis and final image.
Palette (24): palette introduced in Canvas 12
Canvas dimensions: 840x1190
Further analyses pending...