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Canvas 18 - 2018/11/10 ... 2018/11/27

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Canvas 18 is a Microsoft Paint window. Pixels can only be placed within its canvas, not on the user interface.

Canvas states

Initial canvas state

Canvas 18 initial state

Final canvas state

Canvas 18 final state


Timelapses generated from snapshots.
Timelapse, 1 frame every 5 minutes:

Direct links:
webm/vp9/YUV444p [17.3MB] (great quality, limited compatibility)
mp4/h.264/YUV420p [15.5MB] (best compatibility) (hosted at Vimeo)


Click canvas images to toggle between analysis and final image.
Palette (24): palette introduced in Canvas 12
Canvas dimensions: 1076x838
Further analyses pending...