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The 2nd canvas was launched a few mere days after the first canvas, adding new automated anti-bot and manual anti-multi-accounting tools to help weed out the cheaters in the game.
While many still suspected factions of cheating, those factions would often retaliate by showing just how much they're not bots by steamrolling all over smaller factions.
due to the sheer size of some of these factions, use of simplistic bots can not easily be ascertained from placement times as each connection naturally has a minor offset from others

The 2nd canvas was also the canvas that dictated that canvases should be family-friendly from there on out, as certain characters would be drawn nude, given underwear by moderators using their new tools, users would make them nude again, and ultimately the art wiped from the canvas altogether.

In social terms, there were two major force events on this canvas:
The New Pixel Axis - an alliance of Ukrainians, Fins, and Germans - felt annoyed by other forces, and built a large circular stamp in the top right corner of the canvas to intimidate others; this necessitated the destruction of artworks there which were offered to be rebuilt elsewhere (though few if any were), which caused many of the players to be even more upset with this alliance.
However, given their sheer size, there was little that the players could do as they feared retribution if they decided to join in on efforts to remove the new stamp.

The Pink Lattice - a group borne out of a German minecraft player's YouTube live streams - was under the impression that the Green Lattice was trying to take over the Pi numbers, not being aware that Pi had requested Green Lattice to surround them.
The 1st canvas was made live shortly after reddit's r/place shut down, giving it huge exposure to players and An influx of players was the result, and Pink Lattice quickly took over Green Lattice areas, only to be fought back later. They reached a truce after explanations, with the requirement that a pink lattice heart should be adjacent the r/Green Lattice banner. This heart was later coopted by Green Lattice.

One often-changing piece of art was a simple white rectangle with black text - with players deeming it a good target for changing that text, it was eventually dubbed the community board, which made another appearance in the third canvas.

Final canvas state

Canvas 2 final state


Timelapses generated from log files.
Timelapse, 1 frame every 5 minutes:
Direct links:
mp4/h.264/YUV444p [143.8MB] (best overall)
mp4/h.264/YUV420p [110.5MB] (best compatibility)
Animated GIF [41.3MB] (best quality, no playback controls) (hosted at Vimeo)
Timelapse, 1 frame every 500 pixels

Direct links:
mp4/h.264/YUV444p [176.5MB] (best overall)
mp4/h.264/YUV420p [137.7MB] (best compatibility)
Animated GIF [54.5MB] (best quality, no playback controls)


Click canvas images to toggle between analysis and final image.
Palette (16): palette introduced in canvas 1
Canvas dimensions: 2,000x2,000
Final pixel coverage: 3,046,402/4,000,000 (76.16%)
Pixels placed: 6,021,628
User undo actions: n/a (user undo was not yet implemented)
Server undo actions: 71,741 (1.19%)
Accounts active: 67,049

Final state

Untouched pixels

Pixels that were never placed on (also referred to as virgin pixels), depicted in white.

Canvas 2 - untouched pixels

Pixel age

Age of pixels as a brightness map. Darker pixels were placed longer ago.

Canvas 2 - pixel age

Heat map

Depicting activity on the canvas as a heat map - the brighter a pixel's color, the more often it was placed on.

Canvas 2 - pixel heat map

Pixel placement times


Pixel placement times
Smooth rainbows indicate bot-like behavior.

Canvas 2 - placement times


Pixel placement times in milliseconds.
Smooth regions strongly indicate bot-like behavior.

Canvas 2 - placement times, milliseconds


Pixel placement times in seconds
Comb-effect regions may indicate bot-like behavior.

Canvas 2 - placement times, seconds


Pixel placement times in minutes
Gradients indicate pixel placement directions.

Canvas  - placement times, minutes


Activity on the canvas as measured over days (horizontal axis, left is start of canvas) and hours (vertical axis, bottom is start of day). Hours are in CET.

Canvas 2 - activity over days and hours

colors over time

Total pixels of a given color placed over time, graphed.
Source: zip:colors.csv,color.ods

Canvas 2 - colors over time, linear scale

Canvas 2 - colors over time, logarithmic scale

Pixels removed

Pixels locations where pixels were removed

Server undo (blue), and mod rollbacks (red)

Canvas 2 - pixels removed, undo/server undo/rollback

Heatmap of server undo, and mod rollbacks

Canvas 2 - pixels removed, heatmap of server undo/rollback

Top 100 pixelers

The top 100 pixel placers on this canvas.
Top 100 pixel placers

Layers GIMP file

This zip:canvas2_public.xcf file contains layer information in the form of a The GIMP project file.
This file is the product of manual labor with layer groups representing factions, layers representing art, and their labels showing the art and/or artist's name. It can be used to show many projects on the canvas near the Green Lattice corre as well as identify their canvas authors.
The GIMP layers sneak peek for Canvas 2