pxlsFiddle's pxls.space pixel authentication

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The original - janky but brilliant ;) - authentication method using pxls.space's pixel lookups is no longer available.

While the pxls devs work toward a more appropriate authentication method, please see the temporary pxlsFiddle authentication page instead;
pxlsFiddle - temporary authentication page

Authentication status:

This page lets you authenticate yourself as a given pxls.space player - without requiring access to your Reddit, Discord, VK or other accounts - by way of placing pixels!

Below you will find a set of 3 random coordinates. You must place a pixel on each of these coordinates. A link to each pixel is provided for your convenience.
When done, press the Authenticate Me button, and as long as the 3 pixels belong to you and are no more than 3 minutes old, you will be considered to have successfully authenticated.
Don't like these coordinates? refresh the page - but odds are you won't like them any better

Once authenticated, your authentication code will be stored on your device. It's not advised to share this authentication code without knowing exactly what another user can do with this code:

  1. Looking up the pixels you placed and survived until the end of the canvas in the pxls.space archives
  2. Looking up all pixels you placed that weren't painted over again by yourself on a given canvas
  3. Submit projects to the template progress states
  4. Store layer data on the server if you are a designated layer editor

Be kind, rewind - while this page will attempt to choose pixels not previously placed on, these pixels may nevertheless fall within existing art. When placing your authentication pixels, remember their original color (if any) and consider restoring them when done. With a 6 pixel stack, you should have no problem authenticating without damaging.


Please draw a pixel in the 3 coordinates displayed below, then press the Authenticate Me button. Please note, the 3 pixels must be placed within 3 minutes prior to pressing the button.

link to pixelX coordinateY coordinatepixel age (s)user name
link to pixel
link to pixel
link to pixel