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Timelapses generated from snapshots.
Timelapse, 1 frame every 5 minutes:

Direct links:
webm/vp9/YUV444p [29.3MB] (great quality, limited compatibility)
mp4/h.264/YUV420p [31.5MB] (best compatibility)
Animated GIF [19.8MB] (best quality, no playback controls) (hosted at Vimeo)


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Palette (24): palette introduced in Canvas 12
Canvas dimensions: 1000x1000

Death Panda

As noted by Discord user @danmur15#7432, as a(n un)fortunate side-effect of the Lattice Detector set to detect checkerboard background patterns also detecting dithering, the happy panda and 'DEATH' license plate were brought out together as a creepy Panda Reaper figure;

Further analyses pending...