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This page has several tools to help you create templates for pxls.space-compatible canvases.
Please read each step carefully and consult the documentation

What would you like to do?

Art location on the canvas

Optional You can enter a pxls.space-style link with template information here, which will affect the following:
Links generated in the Turn pixel art into a dot/letter/hearts template image and Generate a template link for a template image sections will use the template location*, view location, and zoom level from this link.
Build-time and progress estimations used in various sections will take into account the current canvas state (cached every 5 minutes), instead of only assuming the canvas background color.

ℹ️ * To position a template on pxls.space-compatible sites, hold the ctrl key and click-and-drag the template slowly into placce. On recent FireFox versions, this may not work - go to about:config and set dom.w3c_pointer_events.enabled to false

Turn an image into 'pixel art'

Creating pixel art is an art form of its own and is best done manually with appropriate graphics software.
Automated tools like this section of the fiddle are just that: tools. They may not give you the exact result you're looking for, but can be a helpful guide. The tools here allow you to take a picture, any picture, and adjust its size to the size you'd like to build on the canvas, and adjust its colors to match those of the pxls.space palette.

Step 1: Enter the URL of an image to pixelate, or drag&drop an image (from desktop or browser image), or paste an image here. Once provided, the image will be processed automatically.
If the image provided has a template style applied, it will be de-templatized first.

select file from storage

Turn pixel art into a dot/letter/hearts template image

Templates on pxls.space help you to build intricate art on the canvas by letting you see which pixels should be which colors.
While originally the template could only show a solid color for a pixel, with some transparency, new template styles were designed that helped make it clearer what color is required even if the pixel is already another color. Template styles were even designed to help differentiate between colors that can appear similar on the canvas (such as black and dark grey).

Optional step: set the styles of templates that should be generated.
dotted symbols Bigdotted letters hearts & letters large numbers* custom style**
*11x11 cells - not recommended for large art!
**customize patterns in the 'Further configuration options' sub-section

Step 1: Enter the URL of an image to templatize. Once entered, the image will be processed automatically.
If you just got here from the previous section, you can skip this step!
select file from storage

Choose the style of template you want to use and either:
Step 2: Click/tap it to automatically upload this style to imgur and use it in the next section.
Step 2: Save the image (right-click and save, or tap-and-hold and download).
Step 3: Upload the image you saved to an image host, such as imgur, and proceed to the next section.

Generate a template link for a template image

When you want to use one of the stylized template images on pxls.space directly, you run into a small issue; pxls.space doesn't know what the size of your original image was, and just uses the template image's size. That makes stylized template images appear too large on the canvas.
This section lets you generate a link to pxls.space that loads your template with the correct size and other settings.

Step 1: Enter the URL of a template image to be used on pxls.space. Once entered, the URL will be processed automatically.
If you just got here from the previous section by clicking a template style, you can skip this step!

MicroText Renderer

Layer images

Canvas texture mapping

Pattern generator

Canvas configuration

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